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Does your company culture promote inclusiveness and celebrate diversity? Do your employees know the power of ethics and speaking out against intolerant behaviors? Does the work environment that has been created in your organization create a “safe space” for your employees to thrive? Today’s employees are driven by the culture cultivated around them.

The stronger the culture of an organization, the better the performance of its employees. Workplace ethics and compliance training is an important contributor to reaching this goal.

Reduce Risk and Enhance Culture

Effective employment law and compliance training programs should go beyond “checking the box” for ethics training requirements. To support risk management and promote workplace safety, compliance topics should be presented in a way that engages employees and managers. By offering employee compliance training courses that are interactive and memorable, they truly come to understand the laws and regulations.

GLS’s compliance and workplace training suite is designed to meet your organization’s human resources and compliance requirements, as well as help to cultivate a positive, safe and productive work environment for your team.

Through the SecureHR suite of training programs, your organization will receive training that is:

  • Conceptual and principled – Content that goes beyond legal jargon
  • Global-oriented – Designed for use with international audiences
  • Aspirational in tone – Content that mitigates risk and inspires aspirational conduct
  • Scenario-based – Content with real-world examples and application exercises
  • Engaging – Interactive content with activities and exercises
  • Competency-driven – Building knowledge, skills, perspectives and behaviors

Components of GLS's SecureHR compliance and ethics training

The SecureHR training package offers content on the following topics:

  • Preventing Harassment
  • Leadership
  • Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Wrongful Termination
  • And more!

This workplace ethics and compliance training program is aimed at illuminating and supporting your values as an employer, as well as checking your compliance boxes.

Featured Course

HIPAA Compliance Training

Do your employees understand and adhere to HIPAA compliance requirements that apply to your organization? GLS’s HIPAA training helps your team meet their obligations for protecting, processing and securing the sensitive health information of your workforce and/or the public.

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GLS provides training programs that engage and inform employees. Regardless of their learning style, they will benefit from live-action, one-minute videos based on real-world scenarios to full-length online courses. Learn more about how GLS is helping our clients successfully tackle today’s ever-growing compliance challenges. Schedule a free consultation with one of GLS’ experienced security training specialists to learn more about our training programs.

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SecureHR Compliance Training Bundle

Addressing Ethics and Compliance at Work 9561
Anti-Money Laundering 9667
Avoiding Wrongful Termination 9564
Bribery: Recognizing and Avoiding Improper Business Incentives 9141
Creating a Bully-Free Workplace: Employee Edition 9544
Creating a Bully-Free Workplace: Manager Edition 9543
Disability Discrimination and Accommodation 9145
Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing Differences for Mutual Success 9142
Employee Discipline 9565
Employment Discrimination: Maintaining a Fair Workplace 9193
Ethics and Code of Conduct 9106
Ethics and Code of Conduct for Colleges and Universities 9158
Ethics and Code of Conduct for Government Contractors 9162
FCPA: Anti-Bribery Training 9157
Harassment and Bullying: Managing Threats to a Respectful Work Culture 9143
Harassment: Ensuring a Respectful Workplace 9140
HIPAA Basics for Employees in the Healthcare Sector 9160
Leading a High-Performance Team 9566
Managing Ethics and Compliance at Work 9562
Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Employee Edition 9165
Personal Leadership Power 9569
Prevención de Acoso Sexual para Administradores 9148
Prevenir el Acoso Sexual: Empleado Edición 9149
Preventing Employee Discrimination for Managers 9195
Preventing Employment Discrimination for Employees 9196
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees 8916
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers 8915
Preventing Unlawful Harassment for Colleges and Universities: Employees 9156
Preventing Unlawful Harassment for Colleges and Universities: Faculty/Manager 9150
Preventing Unlawful Workplace Harassment for Federal Agencies: Employees 9159
Preventing Unlawful Workplace Harassment for Federal Agencies: Manager Edition 9144
Privacy Laws and Practices 9147
Social Media at Work 9563
The No Fear Act 9133
Unconscious Bias and You (Essentials) 9568
Unconscious Bias and You 9567 9567
Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 9146
US Workplace Harassment (Manager) 9817
US Workplace Harassment 9818
US Workplace Harassment: California (Manager) 9789
US Workplace Harassment: California 9790
US Workplace Harassment: Connecticut (Manager) 9791
US Workplace Harassment: Connecticut 9792
US Workplace Harassment: Delaware (Manager) 9797
US Workplace Harassment: Delaware 9816
US Workplace Harassment: Illinois (Manager) 9819
US Workplace Harassment: Illinois 9820
US Workplace Harassment: Learner Selection 9825
US Workplace Harassment: Maine (Manager) 9821
US Workplace Harassment: Maine 9822
US Workplace Harassment: Multi-State (120 min) 9826
US Workplace Harassment: Multi-State (50 min) 9828
US Workplace Harassment: Multi-State (60 min) 9827
US Workplace Harassment: New York (Manager) 9823
US Workplace Harassment: New York 9824
Wage and Hour Basics 9161
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501-1000 $28.60 $24.00
1001-1500 $20.20 $16.00
1501-2000 $16.00 $13.50
2001-2500 $14.30 $12.00
2501-5000 $12.90 $10.80
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