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Avoid Cyber Attacks on Schools and Higher Education

When your security controls fail and phishing emails land in your employees’ inboxes, you want to be sure they are equipped to recognize, react and report. Global Learning Systems offers a dedicated cyber security awareness training bundle designed to build knowledge in the education sector among administrators, faculty and teachers. A security-minded culture within your educational institution empowers your employees to become your last line of defense.

A Goldmine for the Bad Guys

Did you know that 79% of attacks on educational institutions were financially motivated? Colleges and universities, with their goldmine of personally identifiable information (PII) from students, alumni and employees, are prime targets for bad actors. To avoid damage to their reputation, educational institutions often decide to pay after falling prey to ransomware attacks.

New, robust security awareness training especially for the education sector

GLS provides a suite of modules crafted exclusively for schools, universities and other educational institutions. The SecureEd training package offers a blend of learning modalities, including modules and live-action videos, to help your staff members recognize cyber threats on schools and higher education — before they happen. Topics include:

  • Security Awareness Challenge for Education
  • Ethics and Code of Conduct for Colleges and Universities
  • Preventing Unlawful Harassment for Colleges and Universities: Employee and Faculty/Managers
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • 20 two-minute videos on a slew of topics such as Sharing Information and Handling Confidential Materials to Ransomware

The videos included in the SecureEd training package offer a unique remote learning experience for your users. 20 live-action, one-minute videos based on real-world scenarios accompanied by a one-question quiz will enable your staff to be security-minded and aware of important issues that impact school districts and universities. They will come to recognize phishing and ransomware attempts and understand how to protect sensitive information and safeguard passwords. 

Memorable Cyber-Security Lessons for Education

GLS SecureEd e-learning addresses cyber security awareness in higher education institutions, as well as K-12 environments. Give your educational institution a unique learning experience — developed by security professionals in collaboration with educators and advertisers. 

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Global Learning Systems is a leader in cyber security awareness programs and compliance and workplace ethics training. Our content engages and informs employees, regardless of their learning style — from live action, one-minute videos based on real-world scenarios to full-length online courses.

Learn more about our remote learning programs for K-12 and higher ed. Schedule a free consultation today with one of GLS’s experienced security training specialists!

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SecureEd Education Training Bundle

Courseware Course ID
Security Awareness Challenge for Education 6486
FERPA Fast Facts 4507
Preventing Unlawful Harassment for Colleges and Universities: Employees 9156
Preventing Unlawful Harassment for College and Universities: Faculty/Manager 9150
Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing Differences for Mutual Success 9142
Videos Course ID
MSS: Individual Responsibility 6398
MSS: Be More Cyber-Secure in the New Normal 9233
MSS: Phishing Emails 6091
MSS: Ransomware 6390
MSS: SMiShing 6378
MSS: Social Engineering in Social Networks 6983
MSS: Social Media Posts 6984
MSS: Voice Phishing 6391
S&A Video: Mobile 8060
S&A Video: Passwords 7971
S&A Video: Social Networking 8208
S&A Video: Web Security 8209
S&A Video: Work at Home 8210
S&A Video: Business Email Compromise (BEC) 9720
CyberIQ Games Course ID
Cybersecurity IQ Challenge 7905
Data Protection IQ Challenge 8445
Passwords and Authentication IQ Challenge 8605
Phishing IQ Challenge 8606
Remote Work IQ Challenge 9228
SecureSnippets Course ID
Ransomware 9925
Phishing 9902
Spyware in Attachments 9945
Pop Ups 9906
Password Handling 9908
Free Wi-Fi 9910
SpearPhishing 9914
Handling Confidential Materials 9915
Shoulder Surfer 9916
USB Key Drop 9917
Home Wi-Fi 9918
Data Leaks 9926
Unattended Computer 9929
Correct Links 9933
Sharing Information 9936
AutoFill 9939
Update Your Software 9943
Passphrases 9952
Phishing Urgency 9957
Ransomware Attack 9961
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