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Larry Cates, CEO of Global Learning Systems (GLS), was recently featured on Cyber Defense TV in an interview with Gary Miliefsky, the publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine. In the interview, Miliefsky asked Cates, “what’s missing in so many companies today when it comes to cyber security?”

The answer according to Cates, is ongoing security awareness training that focuses on changing user behavior. While many companies offer annual or even semi-annual training, it’s not enough. Often, users believe that their individual actions don’t matter, but when it comes to cyber security, one user’s mistake can have significant consequences for the entire organization.

It’s here that the kind of training offered by GLS can make a difference. Cates emphasized that repeated training that engages the user and builds iteratively on their knowledge is key to reinforcing an organization’s human firewall. In addition to end user training, GLS also offers training targeted toward senior leaders that educates them on their responsibilities for leading a secure organization and promoting a security culture.

Miliefsky and Cates agreed that the threats are getting more complex and insidious — it takes an organization-wide effort to combat them. Everyone must be constantly on guard, since the data shows that most breaches are human-related, whether from phishing attacks, unsecured devices or insider threats. GLS advocates for a layered solution of continuous training, phish testing and assessment that enables management to measure the success of the security awareness program.

Be sure to watch the video for the entire interview and more insights from Gary Miliefsky and Larry Cates.


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